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Skiing on Kopaonik

Every night, 8 tabs work only for you, to provide you with optimal ski conditions for the next day. We want to provide you with the best skiing conditions on a daily basis. We ask for your understanding of the newly attacked snow, because it is not always possible to prepare all the tracks at the same time – even when the special machinery for track maintenance works at full capacity. Please note that during the newly-formed snow there is no guarantee that the tracks will be top-notch, as there is a possibility that the newly-formed snow will not connect well with the existing surface.

Holiday on Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif in Serbia, and because of its exceptional position and almost 200 sunny days a year, this mountain is named “Planina Sunca”. That’s why we lead you through the sun adventure of many interesting and exciting content. In just over 30 years, this mountain has been proclaimed National Park and is one of the most important centers of endemic flora in Serbia because of its natural values and beauty. The recognizable landscape with dense coniferous forests and pleasant climate on this mountain offer ideal conditions for an active holiday throughout the year.

The diverse offer that the National Park Kopaonik offers to its guests leaves no one indifferent. A place for rest, spending, and research leaves the possibility that everyone can find for themselves what he loves most.